Training Delivery

Training courses can be delivered in many ways and in many languages, depending in our customers’ needs and requirements. Our trainers have more than twenty years’ experience delivering professional training sessions. They are able to adjust teaching methodologies to a specific student group in order to optimize learning. Their unique combination of language skills, market knowledge, technical and commercial experience additionally provides great value to training sessions, certification programs and marketing activities.

Class Room based Instructor Led

Highly interactive sessions with students’ questions and discussions stimulate the learning process. This kind of interaction makes training sessions lively, more interesting and allows our trainers to fine-tune the session to students' needs and interests. The results of our evaluation surveys after our training sessions are indicators of our success: the overall average score of all courses delivered is 4.73 out of 5.

Web based

During a live WBT sessions, students can view the animated presentation, listen to the presenter and ask questions on line. This can be done either via audio or through text messaging. The instructor can use online polls and tests to monitor the learning process of each individual participant. Web Based Training can be provided very cost effectively to a large audience, even if that audience is geographically dispersed.

Virtual Classroom

Virtual classroom training sessions combine the advantages of on-line training and instructor led classroom based courses. Students can attend courses from anywhere using an internet connection, and this way can participate in highly interactive instructor-led training activities in a stimulating and enjoyable learning environment. Theory lectures can easily be combined with practical individual or even group exercises, through sophisticated conferencing and collaboration tools. Students can attend from anywhere, from home, from the office, or even when travelling. Course organizers can offer specialized global training programs cost effectively, as travel can be eliminated as a cost factor and have almost unlimited scheduling options for any type of global training program. QTS consultants have built a lot of experience developing and delivering training sessions in Virtualized Training environments, and have adapted and refined traditional classroom teaching techniques to this new environment to take full advantage of the powerful collaboration options in such Virtual Campus environment. The Virtual Campus has also been combined with self-paced self-study and self-paced lab exercises, to optimize time investment and the student's learning experience.