Frans Vink

Frans is one of the founding partners in Quality Training Solutions. He entered the information technology industry in 1982. After a successful career as an educator, specializing in the didactics of informatics, Frans became one of the leading project managers of the first scientific educational research program for information technologies in the Netherlands.
He acquired further experience in the computing industry while working for Hewlett Packard and Sun Microsystems. As a technical director of NeXT Computer Europe and director of SkillSource, he built a vast experience in business and sales management.
Since 1991, Frans has been working as a consultant in the networking and communications industry. Routing, LAN switching, WAN technologies, ATM, Virtualized Networking, Voice Technology and Data and Voice consolidation are areas in which Frans has been successfully involved. During the past ten years, he has worked with Cisco Systems, Ascend Communications, Lucent Technologies, ACME Packet, Nortel Networks, Avaya, Swisscom and British Telecom.

Frans teaches in English, French, German and Dutch.